Els Grau


It is a mini-serial, with a duration between three to four minutes, on a daily basis that tried to orientate the audience on what was worth watching in Televisió de Catalunya. With one little trick we mixed fiction with reality (the TV programming schedule)

Els Grau are a very peculiar family where all its components have the same profession: they are TV reviewers. TV3 has asked this hilarious family to collaborate to launch a pilot experience, consisting on the giving out of information to the audience from the family’s household, and so giving the audience the opportunity to express themselves and to give their opinion live via phone or via mail. It is something similar to a homemade audience gauge.

Divided in three different period (Els Grau at home, Els Grau from the street and Els Grau on Christmas) the Grau Family will give their opinion about the programmes and films on TV3, but in a very special way.


Els Grau at home

TV reviewers have to spend long hours in front of the TV set, that’s why, they decided to broadcast the programme from home. It was summertime, so they settled half the time at their apartment in Barcelona and half the time at the flat they had in Saint Sebastian Beach in Sitges. The Grau are going to mix their daily struggles with the transmission of the TV programming.


Els Grau in the street

Here the Grau family will broadcast the programme from Las Ramblas, Barcelona; The Boqueria Maket, the Stock-market, St. James Square, from the Gym, the Underground, etc… Those are some of the sites used to advise the audience on what to watch on telly in autumn season.



Els Grau on Christmas

Els Grau, as any other family, celebrates the Christmas. They will portray the music scenes of the traditional Catalan Christmas songs, and the traditional scenario of Santa Claus, Christmas Carols, etc… through this traditional Christmas celebrations the Grau family will inform us about what is on telly throughout Christmas holidays.


“Els Grau at home”, July, 1991, TV3.
“Els Grau on the streets”, October, 1991, TV3.
“Els Grau on Christmas”, December, 1991 – January 1992, TV3.


Carme Montornès
Mercè Comes
Mont Plans
José Corbacho
Anna Barrachina
Santi Millán
Sílvia Aleacar
Miquel Crespi
Jaume Baucis
Xavi Tena


Production: Rita Managuerra (TV3)
Editor: Enric Banqué
Director: Jordi Milán