Me lo dijo Pérez (Pérez told me)

Me lo Dijo Pérez is a TV programme in which the magazine genre and the comedy are united. It lasts about 90 minutes, and structurally it has many sections where interviews are held as well as music performances, fashion shows, romance newspapers gossip, etc. All together mixed with the experience of a very peculiar middle-class family: A father, a mother, a son and a daughter, a granny, a single brother-in-law and a widowed cousin are, among others, the members of the Perez family. Because every now and again, the other brother-in-law and his children who are living in the same block in the Sants district of Barcelona, pay a visit or two.

Naturally, the Pérez family enjoy watching TV. Some more than others. Some of them would believe everything that is said on TV, some other members would not. But they all coincide in saying that in those programmes where some celebrities are interviewed, the interviewers never ask what people really want to know, what they would be eager to know.

One day, the Pérez family writes a letter to the many TV channels explaining their opinion on the matter. They even talk about the possibility of having families being allowed to express their doubts and opinions over those questions tackled on TV. The only broadcaster that replies is Telecinco, and they are interested with the idea of creating a programme as the one they had wished-for. The Telecinco directors suggest for the Pérez family to be in charge of the programme and that to make things easy and to solve the room problems, they could perfectly broadcast it live from the Pérez’s household, where the TV company would set up the infrastructure. Since the environment should be adequate, so let it be their own home. By doing so, the Pérez and their guests are going to feel much more comfortable than in a set.

On the other hand, the Pérez believe that their life can continue on as always, sure that the broadcasting is not going to interfere with their life. Anyway, the only variation is that they are going to be answering the phone calls from the audience and the subsequently invitations to the celebrities from the audience choice.

In fact, the Pérez are common people that have to undergo the same problems as any other family. Perhaps their only peculiarity is that on a weekly basis, they take in some celebrities with whom they interview and with whom they share their everyday life.

Me lo dijo Pérez had many sections where to parody sections alike in other TV programmes, as would be: interviews, music performances, romance magazines, discussions, phone calls, “be famous with the Perez” (opportunities for the up-and-coming artists); or sections as the one named: “The importance of being Pérez” where little observations were made about famous people with a Perez surname.

The Perez don’t have cleaning lady; they only have a woman who calls around every so and so to do a bit of cleaning. But the broadcaster, given that there is so much work gong on in the Perez household, has hired a cleaner for them, but they don’t like her. Every week they have a new one in, and every week they dislike her; for being slow, dirty, messy, etc. Only one of them is how they like it, but she didn’t like them at all and so she left the house.

The programme did not have the impact we expected so it was stopped up after the forth chapter.


BROADCAST: From 17th of January 1999

IDEA: La Cubana

SCRIPT: Jordi Milán, David Castillo, Núria Furió, Miquel Casamayor

José Corbacho
Jaume Baucis
Santi Millán
Xavi Tena
Cati Solivellas
Filomena Martorell
David Ramírez
Ester Soto
Eli Iranzo
Neus Sanz
Xavi Saez
Yolanda Ramos
Carmen Losa
Francesca Sala

Director: Jordi Milán
Wardrobe: Cristina López
Make-Up Artist: César Olivares
Hairdressers: María Sánchez, Gemma Planchadell
Choreography: Leo Quintana
Stage Design: Castells Planas (Cardedeu)
Props: Jordi Bulbena
Production: Victòria Sanz (La Cubana), Manuel J. Requena (Tele5), Joan Bas, Jaume Banacalocha And Eugeni Margalló
Editor: Jesús Segura