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Telephone conversation on the bus route 59

“Yesterday I saw Paquita Santesmases, the lady from flat 3, the one who was married to the solicitor but got divorced after he had an affaire with his secretary. Anyway, she told me that Francisco and his children want to go to the Theatre Coliseum to watch La Cubana’s new show in October… Didn’t you know that Paquita is going out with Francisco? Yes, Francisco, from the butcher’s. He is a widower with three kids; he joined the same painting course Paquita was doing at the community centre, and stroke here stroke there love appeared… The thing is, she asked me if we agreed on forming a group with them to go to the theatre. There’s already five of them, Rocío and Astrid, from the baker’s are also going with their boyfriends. As is my son Albert, who is going with Ruth, from flat 5 – they have been seeing each other for a few weeks now… – that’s right, Ruth from the students’ flat… She is very pretty and whenever I’ve run into her on the roof terrace when picking up the laundry she’s always seemed very nice. I hope it works out… After the thing with Leti, Albert has been a bit depressed… And he now looks much happier. ¡No, it’s not a date! ¡No! They’re not going on their own, his bike-shop buddies are also going with them… Very nice lads, yes, only, there is this one, Santi, who is a handful, he is always playing the field… Yes, yes, it’s understandable, they are young, they don’t know what they want.

The thing is… where was i? Oh, yes, Mercedes and Mila from the haberdashery are also going with three friends from aqua aerobics, and if we join them, we will be twenty-one… And the price is awesome. Its 23,76€ per person… ¡A bargain! ¡Come on, girl, it will be fun!”

Tickets for groups of 20 people or more from 23,76€

More information and the telephone 93 336 02 22


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