“Vida de Teresina” in Sant Jorge’s Day

Sant Jordi was a wonderful day… The Teresines put on comfortable clothes and wanted to be accompanied by three “dudes” who rolled them to signings at different points in Barcelona. Rosita and Paca didn’t want to miss out either; they also left Gràcia to meet all the series’ followers.

The day began with a visit to the stalls of Catalunya Radio and Rac1 set up in the center of Barcelona. Then they moved around different book stalls in Barcelona (FNAC, Ona Bookstore, Alibris Bookstore, Abacus Bookstore), and also to the special stall that La Cubana set up on the Rambla de les Flors in front of the Boqueria Market.

There were many moments of emotion for all those people who have enjoyed these characters and love them as if they were family.

Many thanks to everyone who made it possible! It was an unforgettable day!


3th Edition of “Vida de Teresina”

The Teresines (especially) and us (La Cubana) couldn’t be happier and more satisfied with the response the book is receiving.

Penguin Publishing has announced, just three weeks after it went on sale, that they have already released the third edition of the Teresines’ biography.

According to what they told us, there are several factors that were decisive in making this decision. The first is that the book is selling very well throughout Catalonia and that “Vida de Teresina” has ranked among the best-selling books. Another factor is that with the imminent arrival of Sant Jordi, there are very good forecasts, and they must avoid “at all costs” that people could be left without it. And obviously, they have also taken into account the feedback we are receiving from readers: the book is being very well received by those who have already bought and read it.

For all these reasons, we are “happier than a child with new shoes”…


Signatures calendar of «Vida de Teresina»

The official presentation of «Vida de Teresina» (Life of Teresina) took place at the Ona Bookstore in Barcelona, attended by friends, colleagues, and people associated with the television series. The event concluded with a special performance by the Barcelona Gay Men’s Chorus directed by Master Joan Vives, who performed “La cançó de les Teresines” (The Song of the Teresinas)

Now that the book is available in all bookstores, we will begin a tour to present it.

This tour starts with the Berenar Literari (Literary Tea) organized annually by the Llibreria el Cucut de Torroella de Montgrí

We will also visit the following bookstores around the country:

The afternoon of Friday 12th of April – Llibreria Papereria Caselles in Lleida and you can purchase your book in here

The morning of Saturday 13th of April – Llibreria Galatea in Reus and you can purchase your book in  here

The afternoon of Saturday 13th of April – Llibreria Adsera in Tarragona and you can purchase your book in here

The afternoon of Friday 19th of April – Llibreria 22 in Girona and you can purchase your book in  here

The morning of Saturday 20th of April – La Gralla in Granollers and you can purchase your book in here

The afternoon of Saturday 20th of April – La Llar del Llibre in Sabadell and you can purchase your book in here


If any bookstore, library, or organization is interested in having us visit their town or city, they can contact us at 669 82 92 42 or premsa@lacubana.es

“VIDA DE TERESINA” is on the shelves of your bookshop!

This is a book about the Teresines. But let no one think it’s a book about the TV series we all know, which aired on TV3 in 1992, becoming a phenomenon that has become part of the Catalan popular imagination.

“Vida de Teresina” (Life of a Teresina) is a detailed biography of the three sisters, which provides unknown information about the lives of these endearing characters. A fun book within the Rosa dels Vents collection published by Penguin Random House.

After doing the Teresines podcasts on Catalunya Radio, the publishing house proposed to us that, using the scripts we had used for the podcast, we should make a book to publish for Sant Jordi. We told them that was not a godd idea! We didn’t see the point of it!

But instead, we gave them another idea: we proposed to them a game: playing between reality and fiction, the publishing house could go directly to ask the Teresines with the petition of writing a book about their lives. Teresines, not feeling prepared to write their memoirs, also answered them “no”. So the publishing house, using their experience, insisted on offering them the possibility of hiring a “ghostwriter” to help them: a young writer, paid by them, who would be spending all day at their home and would jot down everything that came to their minds. They would only have to dictate while doing their things. Finally, they agreed, and amidst their daily lives, and between their famous orders, the Teresines began telling this scribe all about their “life and miracles” while he type down everything into his computer: they told  him about their birth, their childhood and youth adventures, their first friends, their first communion, adolescence; as well as their first boyfriends, their dreams, and even their romantic disappointments, and so on, and so forth.

After a very intense year, the book is finished and you can already find it at your trusted bookstore.

And of course, for Sant Jordi, the Teresines will be dedicating and signing copies at the Barcelona streets.

Chapter 8: social rites

Listen it here: Chapter 8

There are a number of social events in which everyone participates, whether for family reasons, social commitment or simply friendship. They are rites created many years ago that, although today everything has changed and evolved, we continue following the same marked script. We all know the role we have to play. Everything is theater: burials, baptisms, Christmas meals, communions, festivals, birthdays, weddings… Les Teresines have not been to a wedding for a long time. All her friends have been married for a long time. With a great surprise, they receive a wedding invitation from the sound technician of Catalunya Ràdio and are forced to make an appearance and do everything that this entails. Unfortunately, breaking news can upset the plans they had for the happy day.

Chapter 7: “Vacaciones en el mar” is now available!


This week’s topic it is: “Why do we take vacations?” Do they serve to enjoy ourselves? Do they serve to rest? Are they useful for getting to know new places? Are they only used to boast? Are they just to say you have been there? Les Teresines are not great travellers. They are just doing day trips: to Andorra, to Montserrat, to the Patum de Berga,  to the Corpus of Sitges, to the calçotades in Valls, and sometimes, even, to the Pilar of Zaragoza and the Falles from Valencia On this particular occasion, however, and for a series of reasons and without stopping the pedidos work, Les Teresines decide to go on holiday abroad.

New episode of “Les Teresines pim pam pum”. Chapter 6: Likes, haters and influencers

You can listen to it here: CHAPTER 6

The topic that Catalunya Ràdio proposes to you this week to talk about in the podcast is the Eurovision Song Contest. At the same time, this week they are preparing an order for 15,000 totebags for the firefighters’ race and they are very busy. The radio is very happy with them because the latest podcasts have been very successful and they have become real influencers, which will cause them many headaches and some problems.

Chapter 5 is available!

You can listen it here

The Teresines are loyal viewers of  the tv weatherman. Since they are not stupid, they have already know  that something about climate is wrong: global warming is a topic of daily conversation where everyone has an opinion, but everybody speaks without knowing much about it. Les Teresines don’t know exactly who is to blame: cow farts, plastics and rubbish, rockets to the moon… Catalunya Ràdio asks Les Teresines to talk about climate change in the podcast. Taking advantage of the visit to Barcelona of a personality known internationally for this subject, the radio director wants the Teresines to be the hosts and responsible for interviewing her. Everything turns wrong and they will try to get away with it as best they can!