«Adeu Arturo» says a final goodbye in Barcelona

Last Sunday, May 22, we have definitively farewelled Arturo. The show premiered in Valencia on May 18, 2018 and since then it has been performed in 31 Spanish cities (with the pandemic shut down included) and since February 2nd of this year it had been installed at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona.

In total, more than 394,000 people have seen the show in the 600 performances that have been performed throughout the tour. In the four months in Barcelona, more than 94,000 people have seen the show in the 107 performances that have been done.

We want to thank precisely all this audience, who despite the adverse health circumstances, have come to see and support us. We feel proud and excited to see that, despite the years that have passed since we are a theatre company, we have managed to maintain a special bond with this loyal audience, and that, in addition, we have managed to pass on the love of theatre to new generations. We feel very satisfied!

And with this we also close a cycle of celebrations (although with some delay) the 40+2 years of existence of La Cubana. You know that we don’t really like “the goodbyes”, and yes, instead we like “the see you soon”. The time has come to engage in new projects, of which we hope to inform you very soon.

Barcelona Teatre Coliseum

Jaume Baucis Quer, a member of the company since 1988, has died of cancer at the age of 64

We inform you that Jaume Baucis Quer, a member of the company since 1988, has died of cancer this morning at the age of 64

The disease was detected in the summer of 2020 and that is why he could not participate in the “Adeu Arturo” season at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona.

All the people from La Cubana, despite the sadness of the news, feel comforted by all the experiences and all the moments that we have been able to live together throughout all these years.

Jaume joined La Cubana when the “Cubanadas a la Carta” (1988) and has participated in all the shows since then.


The past April 5th, the documentary «Beyond La Cubana» directed by Jordi Call and produced by Minoria Absoluta was premiered on TV3’s Sense Ficció.

The documentary reviews the 42 year history of the company throughout the voices of some of the 172 artists who have been part of the “La Cubana family”. It is an emotional journey through the beginnings of the company in Sitges, where a group of friends were doing amateur theater and unintentionally began to be recognized and afterwards, professionalized. It also travels through the most famous and remembered hits: «Cómeme el coco, negro» (1989), «Teresina SA» (1992) and «Cegada de amor» (1993). And it is also explains that La Cubana is a current adventure, which is reborn again and again from the ashes, and that excites the audience in each show with its style and the very characteristic way of doing things…

If you want to watch it back, you can find it on Tv3 a la Carta: Sense ficció – Més enllà de La Cubana (ccma.cat)

Day of the presentation of the documentary


We are very happy to announce that we can finally “say goodbye to Arturo” in Barcelona. After visiting more than 30 cities throughout the state and after 300,000 people have come to farewell him already, it’s finally time to say goodbye to Barcelona once and for all. And since Arthur deserves it, we want to do it “as God commands” at the Teatre Coliseum. We will be performing there from February 2nd to May 22nd. We hope everyone who want it will come say goodbye to Aruro!

La Cubana has received the Honorary Award for its trajectory from the 2021 Ateneus Awards

The Ateneus Awards gala, which has been held since 1989 by the Federation of Athenaeums of Catalonia (FAC), took place in the marquee that the Raluy Circus has set up at the Moll de la Fusta in Barcelona. This year is the first time that the Honorary Award has been given and it has born with the aim of giving value to entities, institutions or people related in some way to the world of athenaeum and who have stood out in their work in the community, civic, cultural or artistic.

In addition to La Cubana, awards were also presented in five categories: the Associative Communication Award, the Artistic Creativity Award, the Youth Award, Proposa!, the Networking Award and the Participation Promotion Award.

La Cubana participates in La Marató de TV3, which this year deals with mental health.

Once again we dressed in our best finery and went to TV3 to accompany them on the 30th anniversary of La Marató. We couldn’t have better hosts, Ana Boadas and Toni Cruanyes have accompanied us on stage to dance a music number of ‘Adeu Arturo’, the show we are rehearsing to premiere in the Catalan version at the Teatre Coliseum on the 2nd of the 2nd 2022.

This year’s La Marató raised funds for mental health research projects, often stigmatized and made invisible by the social taboo. We encourage you to continue making donations to raise the score, that on Sunday night was up to 9 million euros. You can do that until the end of March 2022.

At last, La Cubana in Barcelona

Today we have announced from the “catacombs” of the Teatre Coliseum (The Barcelona Billiards Club) that we will finally premiere ‘Adeu Arturo’ at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona. The first performance will take place on February 2th, 2022 and we will be there until the 21st of May, not one more day. Tickets go on sale today on the Grup Balaña website (www.grupbalana.com) with a launching offer 25% of discount on the price until the end of November. Go and get your tickets! We’ll see you at the theater!

The exhibition of La Cubana in Sitges will be extended until Christmas

The exhibition ‘La Cubana 40+1: a voyage from ‘nothing’ until 2021’, installed at the Miramar Centre Cultural, will be extended until Christmas. Jordi Milán announced the great news after collecting the Honorable Mention Catalonia Theatre Award for the trajectory during the XX Catalunya Aixeca el Teló Gala.

We are very grateful to the almost 10,000 people who have visited the exhibition. We are not only surprised by the reception at the level of numbers: we are very happy with the comments of the visitors who have written in the book at the end of the exhibition or through our social media channels.

Thanks to the great reception of the exhibition, the Sitges City Council has decided that the opening dates will be extended until the Christmas holidays. So everyone who has not seen it yet will still have a few more months to come and enjoy our useless junk (very well placed and illuminated, to be fair) that fills the Miramar Centre Cultural up to the top… The visitor will be able to enter to our universe and travel the 40+1 years of the company.

Tickets can be purchased through www.culturasitges.cat/entrades at the Tourist Information Office in the station square, as well as in the same building as the exhibition on Carrer de la Davallada 12. For the Covid measures not more than 20 people every 15 minutes is allowed to enter the exhibition. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance.

La Cubana receives the Honorable Mention for the trajectory Theatre Catalonia Award

This recognitions is given by ADETCA during the Gala Catalunya Aixeca el Teló that was held yesterday evening at the Gran Teatre del Liceu

We feel very happy and honoured by this recognition. If La Cubana exists today it is all thanks to the people who have work in the company through the years (actresses and actors, technicians, as well as all the artistic team that has been the same since the beginning of the company) that despite having very different backgrounds and training, they have one thing in common: an unconditional love for the theatre… This love is almost bordering on madness. We claim it as an essential part of our profession.

La Cubana was born in 1980 in Sitges as a game and will die practicing this same game. The 41 years of the company have been magnificent years, which thanks to the perseverance of those who have worked here, as well as the generosity of the audience, we have been able to live 41 years of what we like the most: theatre.

During this time, La Cubana has created its own style, based on everyday theatre and always using the same tools as in the beginning, typical of artisan theatre. In our shows, it always appears the same constants: the game, the surprise, the slang vocabulary, the transgression of spaces, the participation of the audience, the colour, the music, and above all, the very characteristic characters.

Apart from different television programs and other “soirees”, in these 41 years we have created about twenty shows, which have seen more than 5,000,000 viewers spread over almost 12,000 performances (not counting the shows we performed on the streets!).

Thank you very much!

This summer we will see you in Sitges!

The exhibition “La Cubana 40 + 1: a journey from ‘nothing’ to 2021” was inaugurated yesterday and can be visited at the Miramar Centre Cultural in Sitges until 26 September.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of La Cubana yesterday we gathered many of the members who have work in the company through the years in a festive and very emotional day. Today it will be open to anyone who wants to visit it.

The exhibition is an immersive (and low-tech) journey through the crampons we have kept over the years. We invite you to learn about the philosophy and creative process we have used to create our shows, performances, and television programs throughout the company’s history. The route is one-way only and capacity is controlled by schedules as a security measure for the pandemic. Do not forget to buy your tickets in advance (www.culturasitges.cat/entrades)

We look forward to seeing you all in Sitges!