Chapter 8: social rites

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There are a number of social events in which everyone participates, whether for family reasons, social commitment or simply friendship. They are rites created many years ago that, although today everything has changed and evolved, we continue following the same marked script. We all know the role we have to play. Everything is theater: burials, baptisms, Christmas meals, communions, festivals, birthdays, weddings… Les Teresines have not been to a wedding for a long time. All her friends have been married for a long time. With a great surprise, they receive a wedding invitation from the sound technician of Catalunya Ràdio and are forced to make an appearance and do everything that this entails. Unfortunately, breaking news can upset the plans they had for the happy day.

Chapter 7: “Vacaciones en el mar” is now available!


This week’s topic it is: “Why do we take vacations?” Do they serve to enjoy ourselves? Do they serve to rest? Are they useful for getting to know new places? Are they only used to boast? Are they just to say you have been there? Les Teresines are not great travellers. They are just doing day trips: to Andorra, to Montserrat, to the Patum de Berga,  to the Corpus of Sitges, to the calçotades in Valls, and sometimes, even, to the Pilar of Zaragoza and the Falles from Valencia On this particular occasion, however, and for a series of reasons and without stopping the pedidos work, Les Teresines decide to go on holiday abroad.

New episode of “Les Teresines pim pam pum”. Chapter 6: Likes, haters and influencers

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The topic that Catalunya Ràdio proposes to you this week to talk about in the podcast is the Eurovision Song Contest. At the same time, this week they are preparing an order for 15,000 totebags for the firefighters’ race and they are very busy. The radio is very happy with them because the latest podcasts have been very successful and they have become real influencers, which will cause them many headaches and some problems.

Chapter 5 is available!

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The Teresines are loyal viewers of  the tv weatherman. Since they are not stupid, they have already know  that something about climate is wrong: global warming is a topic of daily conversation where everyone has an opinion, but everybody speaks without knowing much about it. Les Teresines don’t know exactly who is to blame: cow farts, plastics and rubbish, rockets to the moon… Catalunya Ràdio asks Les Teresines to talk about climate change in the podcast. Taking advantage of the visit to Barcelona of a personality known internationally for this subject, the radio director wants the Teresines to be the hosts and responsible for interviewing her. Everything turns wrong and they will try to get away with it as best they can!

Chapter 4: Are the children only carried by the storks?

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Chapter 4: Are the children only carried by the storks?

The concept of family has evolved a lot in recent decades. The radio director wants Les Teresines to talk about it in the podcast this week. New family models have appeared and the way to have and conceive children… but Les Teresines, who as children were brought up thinking that children came from Paris, even though they are modern single women, are not very up to date on adoptions, surrogate pregnancies and artificial inseminations. In any case, they will solve it asking here and there, and with some surprise in between, they will get some answers.

Chapter 3: The madness about cuisine! Available now!

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Chapter 3: The madness about cuisine

The theme of the podcast this week is the craze that has recently gripped us all for the cuisine: the obsession about Mihcelin Star restaurants, cooking programs on television, about reductions, spherifications, of weird ingredients, etcetera. “Les Teresines” only understand about cannelloni, escudella and carn d’olla and everything that traditional Catalan cuisine entails, but they have no idea about “pitiminí” restaurants!

“Chapter 2: Beyond the economy” is now available

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CHAPTER 2: Beyond the economy

This week, Catalunya Radio ask Les Teresines that in their podcast they must talk about the economy. How can they manage to be able to talk about it? In addition to not knowing anything about it, they are not the most suitable people to talk about it, since they have always practiced submerged economy. How they will get out of it?

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CHAPTER 1: The podcast and the future of the radio

Catalunya Ràdio commissioned Les Teresines to talk about the podcasts and the future of radio in our country in the first program. Les Teresines know about radio, but  what they don’t have any idea is what a podcast is, and for this reason they will have to investigate about it. Finally, they will end up talking about the past, present and future of radio.