This summer we will see you in Sitges!

The exhibition “La Cubana 40 + 1: a journey from ‘nothing’ to 2021” was inaugurated yesterday and can be visited at the Miramar Centre Cultural in Sitges until 26 September.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of La Cubana yesterday we gathered many of the members who have work in the company through the years in a festive and very emotional day. Today it will be open to anyone who wants to visit it.

The exhibition is an immersive (and low-tech) journey through the crampons we have kept over the years. We invite you to learn about the philosophy and creative process we have used to create our shows, performances, and television programs throughout the company’s history. The route is one-way only and capacity is controlled by schedules as a security measure for the pandemic. Do not forget to buy your tickets in advance (

We look forward to seeing you all in Sitges!

La Cubana 40+1: a journey from ‘nothing’ to 2021

This exhibition, which can be visited from June 17th to September 26th at the Miramar Cultural Center in Sitges, is a journey through the history of the company told through its things.
In La Cubana we are “kind of garbage collectors”. We don’t throw anything. We keep everything. Things of all times and of all kinds: sets, costumes, wigs, hats, dentures, glasses, posters, press clippings, photographs, awards, fond memories… All these crampons accumulated, well placed and artistically illuminated have made this exhibition possible.
Those who really know us know that it will not be a conventional exhibition. No one has to expect a minimalist design exhibition that we all are used to. It will be a great immersive exhibition in our world (without much digital technology), where the visitor, through our things, will be able to enjoy seeing, listening, also smelling and almost touching, and will be able to enter the universe of La Cubana we collected during the last 40 years.
A deployment (20 trucks full of junk) that will occupy the two floors of the Miramar Cultural Center and also its terraces. It’s really like writing a book about our history and dusting off the contents from a helicopter over the Miramar.

Comunicado cancelación Teatro Principal de Zaragoza

Debido a las medidas decretadas por la pandemia del COVID-19 y atendiendo a las medidas de confinamiento decretadas por las autoridades nos vemos obligados a la cancelación definitiva de las funciones de “Adiós Arturo” en el Teatro Principal de Zaragoza que teníamos programadas del 7 al 24 de mayo.

Teníamos mucha ilusión en poder volver este mes mayo al Teatro Principal con “Adiós Arturo” y así poder celebrar nuestro 40 aniversario como compañía de teatro. Queríamos hacerlo en Zaragoza, tal y como lo hicimos en Madrid el pasado mes de febrero; y queremos hacerlo también en Barcelona próximamente, si este maldito coronavirus nos deja hacerlo. Todo el mundo sabe que Zaragoza fue “la culpable” de que La Cubana exista como compañía de teatro, pues fue la primera ciudad que nos contrató para hacer nuestras “Cubana´s Delikatessen” en el año 1984. Desde entonces el público zaragozano nos ha apoyado incondicionalmente y siempre nos hemos sentido muy queridos aquí. Por lo que… gracias, ¡mil veces gracias!

En esta ocasión no vamos a poder celebrarlo como es debido, pero no cerramos la posibilidad de reprogramar nuestra estancia en fechas futuras, cuando este embate haya pasado y tengamos la posibilidad de acercarnos de nuevo a vuestra maravillosa ciudad. Los aniversarios y las celebraciones no tienen nunca caducidad.

NOTA IMPORTANTE: Nos gustaría informar que el público que ya tenía compradas las entradas por la web, se va a proceder a la devolución del importe automáticamente en la tarjeta con la que se hizo la compra. En el caso de las localidades compradas en la taquilla la devolución se hará en las mismas taquillas del teatro una vez las circunstancias lo permitan y se reanude el servicio.

Un beso a todos


Barcelona, martes 21 de abril


This year 2020 we celebrate our 40th anniversary as a theatre company. That is why on February 20 we celebrated with a special show of “Adiós Arturo” at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid. But before returning to Barcelona, where we have not yet released the show… we have decided to return to Zaragoza.

This was the first city that hired us as a professional company and that is why we did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary with the Zaragoza audience and return with “Adiós Arturo”, since on our last visit we could only do 14 performances that were they sold out before we arrived. On this occasion we will offer another 20 performances. “Adiós Arturo” arrives renewed and improved for all those people who were left out and for all those who want to repeat. In addition, we are preparing a special show on Thursday, 14th of May, where we will open the trunk of memories and cheer about these four decades on stage.


This year we have left has been, without any doubts, a very special one. When 2019 began, we had been on tour with “Adiós Arturo” for eight months and we were touring the Spanish geography from end to end…. We started the year performing in Zaragoza, in the Teatro Principal, which was an amazing sold out during the two weeks we were there… A joy for anyone who is dedicated to our profession… Afterwards the tour has taken us to 19 more cities. Many of them very well-known to us, because we know that they will receive us with open arms as soon as we decide to go on tour. Other cities that we had not visited for many years… and some of them we visited for the first time during this tour … We spent the winter through Andalusia, avoiding the cold temperatures. We started spring in the Canary Islands… We spent Easter Holidays performing there. Summer began in Mallorca and then we visited Gijón, Valladolid and Galicia… And we finally arrived in Madrid, at the Teatro Calderón, which is sheltering us since then during this magnificent season! We couldn’t find a better place to farewell this 2019! So we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a big party with Madrid’s audience. We gathered 800 spectators who wanted to accompany us at the Teatro Calderón. Apart from the “Adiós Arturo” show, we prepared some special cotillions made with love by the company, and we eat the traditional grapes and the cava with the countdown… Then, the whole company prepared a party in with musical numbers that they encouraged the audience to dance and celebrate the entrance to the new year until late in the morning!

This 2020 we are turning 40 as a theatre company and we feel very fortunate for that; since we have been able to live from it thanks to the support and affection from the audience that we receive every year… ¡Thank you very much


Seizing the opportunity of our stay at Teatro Calderón in Madrid with “Adiós Arturo”, we are organizing a special show to say goodbye to this year and celebrate the entrance to 2020.

“Adiós Arturo” will begin at 9:30 pm and it will end a little before midnight. The big special party we are preparing will include: the countdown (las campanadas), with the grapes and cava with a special “cotillion”; and a great party until 1:00 a.m., which will include all kinds of performances and surprises by the company actors.

For La Cubana this year 2020 is a special year, as we will celebrate our 40th anniversary as a theater company and we want to start the year celebrating it with the Madrid audience.

So far, more than 380,000 spectators have seen the show in the more than 400 performances of “Adiós Arturo” we have made since it was premiered in Valencia in May 2018.

La Cubana has arrived in Madrid!

“Adiós Arturo” has arrived at the Calderón Theatre in Madrid after a tour that brought the company through 30 cities and with a more 205,000 spectators balance. This past October 9th, friends of Arturo and La Cubana came to join us at the premiere of the show.

Jacinto Benavente Square (in front of the theatre) was dressed up for the occasion, and familiar faces (and not so well known) went through the red carpet and the “forced” photo call before heading to see the show accompanied by the rhythm of a music band. At the end, a “chocolate con churros” was given to goodbye the audience that came to the theatre that night.

300 performances of “Adiós Arturo”

This tour that began in May 2018 at the Teatro Olympia in Valencia has taken us to many corners of the peninsular geography and there are already 27 cities we have visited with the show. Right now we are performing on Teatro Jovellanos in Gijón, and with more than 185,000 spectators, in our second performance in the city we have reached 300 performances of the show… We feel very fortunate to have such a faithful audience and that the theater artistic directors continue to believe in the theater we do!

Next stops: Valladolid, A Coruña, Vigo and Madrid. We are waiting for you!

150.000 people have seen “Adiós Arturo”

150.000 people has come to enjoy the show “Adiós Arturo” so far. We are now performing in Teatro Cuyás of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We are very happy with the audience reception of the show and we are feeling very fortunate to have reached this amazing figure.


“Adiós Arturo” was first premiered last May in Valencia, and we have visited also Pamplona, Torrelavega, Vitoria, Bilbao, Logroño, Castellon, Altea, Elche, Elda, Murcia, Zaragoza, Jerez, Málaga, Sevilla, Cáceres and Cádiz. Today we performed the show 221 times. We are very grateful to the people who visited us in all the theatres around and have helped us in every performance to create this crazy show.


We will be in Las Palmas for another six performances and afterwards we will visit Tenerife, Alicante, Albacete, El Ejido, Córdoba, Gandía, Palma de Mallorca, Gijón, Valladolid, Vigo, La Coruña and Madrid. We will finally arrive back in Barcelona at the end of 2020.

¡We have arrived to the 200 performances!

Last Thursday we celebrated the performance number 200 of “Adiós Arturo”. We celebrated it doubly, because we also was our first time in Extremadura, at the Gran Teatro de Cáceres, where we had never performed before.

Cáceres received us with open arms and the whole theatre ready to spent a good time. At this moment, more than 135,000 people have seen “Adiós Arturo”.