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“VIDA DE TERESINA” is on the shelves of your bookshop!

This is a book about the Teresines. But let no one think it’s a book about the TV series we all know, which aired on TV3 in 1992, becoming a phenomenon that has become part of the Catalan popular imagination.

“Vida de Teresina” (Life of a Teresina) is a detailed biography of the three sisters, which provides unknown information about the lives of these endearing characters. A fun book within the Rosa dels Vents collection published by Penguin Random House.

After doing the Teresines podcasts on Catalunya Radio, the publishing house proposed to us that, using the scripts we had used for the podcast, we should make a book to publish for Sant Jordi. We told them that was not a godd idea! We didn’t see the point of it!

But instead, we gave them another idea: we proposed to them a game: playing between reality and fiction, the publishing house could go directly to ask the Teresines with the petition of writing a book about their lives. Teresines, not feeling prepared to write their memoirs, also answered them “no”. So the publishing house, using their experience, insisted on offering them the possibility of hiring a “ghostwriter” to help them: a young writer, paid by them, who would be spending all day at their home and would jot down everything that came to their minds. They would only have to dictate while doing their things. Finally, they agreed, and amidst their daily lives, and between their famous orders, the Teresines began telling this scribe all about their “life and miracles” while he type down everything into his computer: they told  him about their birth, their childhood and youth adventures, their first friends, their first communion, adolescence; as well as their first boyfriends, their dreams, and even their romantic disappointments, and so on, and so forth.

After a very intense year, the book is finished and you can already find it at your trusted bookstore.

And of course, for Sant Jordi, the Teresines will be dedicating and signing copies at the Barcelona streets.

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