Telecena (TV Home Dinner)

Created for National Spanish Television a Christmas Eve Special: Telecena (TV Home Dinner). It is made believe to the audience that this year, the Christmas Special is going to be broadcasted from a typical Spanish household having their Christmas Eve meal. We toyed with fiction and reality from the popular TV morning programme presented by Maria Teresa Campos, and a family is picked up from the telephone directory. This happens to be the Pérez Casamitjana family, who live in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (the family performed by La Cubana).

Much before dinnertime, the cameras arrive to L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and stop in front the house of the family household. The whole neighbourhood is on the streets watching what is going on. The journalist Ramon Pellicer introduces the married couple to the audience and they will introduce the rest of the family. The TV cameras get inside the block building up to the apartment where the programme has to take place. The housewife is showing the dinner she has cooked with the assistance of a neighbour friend. Many things are going to happen before the meal.

Well, as in any other family, they start talking about family business and family miseries. At the end, the audience assists to a typical Christmas Eve with the relatives. Everything is possible: the roast burns up, the Nativity scene sets on fire, the classic phone call to those who are away and even the fuses fail so they have to continue on dinning in candlelight. The neighbours want to be on TV and they use any excuse to come around the house. Finally, they all sing a goodbye Christmas Carroll having some “turrons” (nougat made of almonds, egg, vanilla, etc. typical Christmas grub) and some cava.


You can watch it in here:

BROADCAST: 24th Of December 1994

SCRIPT: La Cubana

Anna Barrachina
Sílvia Aleacar
Miquel Crespi
José Corbacho
Jaume Baucis
Santi Millán
Xavi Tena
Jordi Milán
and also:
Maria José Pérez
Cati Solivellas
Filomena Martorell
Cinta Esmel
Ester Soto
Josep Milán
Cristina López
Eli Iranzo
Matilde Muñiz

Director: Jordi Milán
Wardrobe: Cristina López
Characteritzation: Joan Alonso, César Olivares
Stage design: Castells Planas
Props: Teresa Icart, Josep Castells, Bego, Guruze
Editor: Miguel Ángel Martí
Executive production: Alfonso Hortelano (TVE), Victòria Sanz (La Cubana)