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La Cubana 40+1: a journey from ‘nothing’ to 2021

This exhibition, which can be visited from June 17th to September 26th at the Miramar Cultural Center in Sitges, is a journey through the history of the company told through its things.
In La Cubana we are “kind of garbage collectors”. We don’t throw anything. We keep everything. Things of all times and of all kinds: sets, costumes, wigs, hats, dentures, glasses, posters, press clippings, photographs, awards, fond memories… All these crampons accumulated, well placed and artistically illuminated have made this exhibition possible.
Those who really know us know that it will not be a conventional exhibition. No one has to expect a minimalist design exhibition that we all are used to. It will be a great immersive exhibition in our world (without much digital technology), where the visitor, through our things, will be able to enjoy seeing, listening, also smelling and almost touching, and will be able to enter the universe of La Cubana we collected during the last 40 years.
A deployment (20 trucks full of junk) that will occupy the two floors of the Miramar Cultural Center and also its terraces. It’s really like writing a book about our history and dusting off the contents from a helicopter over the Miramar.

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