Nuts Coco Nuts


Nuts Coconuts is an adaptation of the show Cómeme el Coco, Negro first premiered in Spain in 1989, produced by the Edinburgh Theatre Festival 2005. La Cubana adapted the successful play for the British audience and choses British actors for the cast. The show is rehearsed in Barcelona and is premiered in the festival on the August the 15th 2005 on The Out of the Blue Drill Hall.


Why this show

Nuts Coconuts is a homage to all the traveling show companies that existed and still exist around the world that bring music, theatre and dance to every corner.

Nuts Coconuts is an homage to all the artist that built their life around theatre and made stages their home.

We chose a “Music-Hall” company to talk about a nearly extinguish theatre genre that sometimes has been despised by mainstream arts and culture spheres.

La Cubana, which is also a nomad theatre company, was interested to show “the show” of what happens after the show is over. How everything is dismantled; how the scenery, the props and the wardrobe is stored; and how the truck is loaded with everything before to leave to another city. Comedy is behind all the dismantling.


The excuse

“Gibraltar Follies” is a “Music-Hall” traveling company, established in Gibraltar from 1930, nowadays formed by artists from varied origins and at their “penultimate step of their career” are performing a variety show called Nuts Coconuts.

The company is taking advantage of a commission given by a British Council campaign called “MEET OUR THEATRE”, so to travel around their own country, United Kingdom, performing their show.

The opening of the tour takes place, unbelievingly, within the prestigious Edinburgh Theatre Festival. That tour will continue on stopping at every single corner of their beautiful country.


Gibraltar Follies

It is a native company from Gibraltar founded in 1930 by Jerome Linares, a big fan of Music-hall and Variety plays. Eternally in love with Paris and its Moulin Rouge, he wanted Gibraltar to have something alike. A place where perform British Varietes with a clear French influence.

Mr. Linares died in 1950 from Malaria and the company was left to its group members. In 1960, after a financial crisis, they decide to sell the legacy to Rogelia Edwards, who started to manage the company with the help of her husband, Paco López.

But then fatality strikes at the Gibraltar Follies. Rogelia and Paco die in a car crash the same day when Yoko Ono & John Lennon where celebrating their wedding party in Gibraltar. From then on the company is inherited and managed by their son, Teddy López Edwards, till today.

The repertoire mixes different songs from the British, French and Spanish “Music-Hall” songs. They work all through the Costa del Sol, performing in hotels and ballrooms for English tourists. They also travel to Canary Islands, some cruises through the Mediterranean sea and north of Morocco.


The story

Due to a mistake, the show has started an hour earlier today. The audience is late and just when they are about to take their seats the show is in its finale. The comedians go on with their usual encore, they salute, and the curtain falls. The real show starts here.

The company has to dismantle and clear up quickly, because they are expected to perform somewhere 600 km away the next day. The comedians give the audience all sorts of explanations and apologies, but naturally, the public refuses to leave, as they are just seated, so they protest. Without giving it a second thought, they get ready for packing, and while they are at it, they start a conversation about their origins, their private life, their secrets and their miseries. They become friendly with the audience and in return, the public helps them packing, folding up the curtains, looking after the star’s pet dog, picking up bits and pieces, moving furniture, containers, etc. They become so intimate that the audience is invited to put on the feather-outfits and to share with them the typical comedians’ dinner: Sandwiches. At the end, once everything is packed, the comedians sweep out the empty stage, heading off and leaving everybody sitting down. The show is over.

Nuts Coconuts, versió en anglès de l’espectacle Cómeme el Coco, Negro, es una producció del Festival Internacional d’Edimburg. Per encàrrec del Festival, La Cubana realitza una adaptació del seu antic espectacle amb actors anglesos triats especialment per l’ocasió. La Cubana dirigeix tota la producció artística. L’espectacle es crea i s’assaja a Barcelona i s’estrena al Festival el 15 d’agost de 2005 en el The Out of The Blue Drill Hall.


Here’s a little summary. Check it out:

PREMIÈRE: Edinburgh Internacional Festival (August 2005)

PLACES WHERE IT HAS BEEN PERFORMED: Sant Cugat – Teatre Auditori, Edimburg – The Out of The Blue Drill Hall

PERÍOD: From 15th of August to 3th of September 2005

PERFORMANCES: 21 funcions

ESPECTATORS: 17.000 espectators

SCRIPT: Jordi Milán

DIRECTOR: Jordi Milán

Kimm Manning
Nuria Benet
Helen Cartwright
Di Sherlock
Nicole Balm
Andrew Stuart Marshall
Richard Collins -Moore
Carlos Blanco
Ferran Audí
José L. Piqueras
Creative Staff

Idea and playwright: Jordi Milán
Translation to English: Bent Rowdon
Adaptation to English: Richard Collins
Original music: Juan de la Prada, Joan Vives, Billie Grey, Sautreuil – Poterat, Heatherton, Jimmy Carroll – Harry Lauder, Ivor Novello – Christopher V. Hassall, Gifford / Cliffe / Formby, Codoñer- Llabrés – Perelló – Guarddón – Blanco, José Padilla – Armando Oliveros – José M. Castellví
Translation, adaptation, and lyric composition: Joan Vives
Music director: Joan Vives
Choreography: Leo Quintana
Stage design: Castells Planas
Structures: Pep Codina
Wardrobe design: Cristina López
Feather backpacks: Cristina López
Wardrobe team: Lolita Cloquell, Natalia Badia and Filomena Menacho
Hats: Cristina Lopez and Pepita Mercadé
Make up and characterisation: César Morcillo
Wigs: La Cubana
Hairdresser: Joan Marín
Props: Toni Lobato
Coconuts: Lluis Traveria
Magic Tricks: Mag Lari
Graphic Design: Raul Pascuali
Photography: Albert Armengol, Josep Aznar
Light Design: Oriol Puig
Sound design and sound technician: Jaime García de Vinuesa
Technical director and ligh technician: Oscar Cerdeiriña
Extras: Dani Casanovas, José L. Piqueras i Alejandro Ponte
Production and administration assistants: Nani Mulero i Natalia Morillas
Assistant Director: Mont Plans
Administration: Mercè Pascual (ANEXA)
Assistant Director and stage manager: Anna Ullibarri
Executive Production: Victòria Sanz
Direction: Jordi Milán
With the sponsorship of: Institut Ramón Llull, London Spanish Embassy
Written and directed: Jordi Milán (La Cubana)