Dels Vicis Capitals (Capital Sins)

Dels Vicis Capitals is a show based on three anonymous Majorcan Entremeses (One act-farces, designed to be produced between the acts of a three-act drama) from the 18th Century adapted by Llorenç Moya Gilabert de la Portella and Josep Perea:

  • Entremès dels llépols befats (Entremès of the scorned greedily eaters)
  • Entremès de les dones eixorques (Entremès of the barren women)
  • Entremès del pescador (Entremès of the fisherman)

The Majorcan entremès belongs to a theatre from and for the populace, from Middle Age roots, and remained thanks to the poorest strata in spite of the cherished theatre written in Spanish at that time. Such entremesos portray topics of comic realism, which describe us a picaresque world with its customs, and the colloquial speech of its people. All the characters in such dramas are the expression of the anti-hero life carried by the villagers. Written from an overwhelming materialistic standpoint, all characters move driven by sex spurs and hunger. Yet the most important thing in those dramas is their hilarity, whilst the authors were barely concerned about the originality.

Dels Vicis Capitals is a show designed to be produced in small villages and at open-air spaces, making use of any square corner or any building façade as stage set, therefore a traditional stage is never used. The audience sits on folding seats in front of the chosen façade and the actors start performing emerging from doors, windows and balconies. The light design is usually based on rudimentary footlights.

PREMIÈRE: October 1981, within the International Theatre Festival in Sitges, at the Racó de la Calma.

PLACES WHERE IT HAS BEEN PERFORMED: Sitges, Castellbisbal, Reus, Vilanova i La Geltrú, Alcarràs, Olot, Fígols d’Organyà, Taradell, Montgat, Sosses, Les Franqueses del Vallès, Sant Pol de Mar, Tortosa, Sant Pere de Ribes, Bellpuig d’Urgell, Tàrrega, Vilanova de Segrià and Cubelles.

PERIOD: 1981-1983



Marta Serrahima
Carme Montornés
Jordi Milán
Artur Puighibet
Nemesi Pascual
Joan Vázquez
Àngels Sanmiguel
Miquel López
Joan Ollé i Segura
Vicky Plana
Maribel Roldán
Montse Curtiada

MUSIC: Blai Fontanals and Josep Lluís Enríquez (School of Grallers, Sitges)

DIRECTOR: Jordi Milán


The author of the show, Llorenç Moyà Gelabert de la Portella came to the première at Racó de la Calma in Sitges (October 1981) in spite of being in a pretty delicate physical condition and regardless the fact that he didn’t quite like travelling. He told us later on that he had loved the show. We did not know him personally (we had been in contact by mail and by phone) and he turned out to be a charming fellow.

Few days later, after the Festival, we called him to let him know that we had won a prize, but we learned the bad news: he was dead. A very bizarre feeling was left upon us. Did we cause his death with all the nuisances of travelling?