Campanades de Boda (Wedding Chimes)

Why Campanades de Boda?

In all the shows La Cubana always seeks to show that behind any everyday event there is always drama.

In this show, we have chosen the weddings as a theme: a very clear example of this daily drama we all do in our daily life. Time has passed, we have changed our habits, we all have modernized our lives, although it is no longer necessary to marry religiously, when we do we continue to use the same civil structure as ever: A script and staging that we all know to perfection and we all know the role that we must play. No matter the race, the religious beliefs we have, the money we have, the political affiliation or sex of the partners: we all end up playing with great scenic rigor the character we have to do. Preparing a wedding is like preparing a big show of theatre.

Campanadas de Boda (Wedding Chimes) is a parody of “the great parody” we all make when we get married. A theatrical show that we assemble in which we end up being protagonists. Campanadas de Boda is a manners-comedy-vaudeville about weddings.


Preamble to the synopsis: Family Rius

Margarita and Hortensia are two sisters who run a family business of three generations, one of the most popular flower shops in the city. Grandparents started the business with a small flower shop that their daughters, over time, made it a great and prestigious company dedicated to flowers.

Margarita, the eldest sister, is unmarried. Hortensia, the youngest, married a national police who became a deputy. From this marriage three children were born, named with flowers name, as the family tradition tells: Narciso, Violeta and Jacinto. Although they all have university degrees, all three have ended up working in the family business.

Now, Violet, marries with Vickram Sodhi, an Indian actor who knew precisely when he was staring a Bollywood show that was on tour in the city.


Synopsis: Structure of the show

The show is divided into two parts but no intermission:

In the first, La Cubana explains a story from the stage as in any conventional comedy, using the fourth wall (unusual in previous shows of the company). From the living room of the house of a family, we attend the hours before the wedding of their daughter. Violeta (the daughter) has an economics degree and is a big fan of the theatre, and takes part of an amateur theater company.

The audience, from his chair, learns all the “troubles” of the family and also the intricacies of the wedding. We can see and hear all those fun things that happen to the family, that they actually are the same things that happen to all of us when we prepare a wedding. The small problems are perceived as big. For example, how to put flower arrangements, the dresses and the distribution of the guests at the banquet tables… And, if this were not enough, the officiant of the ceremony has a nephritic colic and he cannot attend to the wedding and they also find a new venue for the ceremony because in the place they have chosen they cannot fit all the last minute guests…

In the second part of the show, using the typical resources of the company, both (the stage and the stalls) becomes a ceremonial hall, and the public is instantly surrounded by flowers, and attending the wedding as a guest.

The audience is informed of why they have chosen a theater for the ceremony and the wedding will be held by video-conference from India and they will see the ceremony through a giant screen in the stage. The wedding planners realize that the colors of the costumes of the guests are not in line to compete with the colorful costumes in India. To mend this problem they spread brimmed hats and headgears among the attendees.

At the end, everyone attends a wedding between the two countries through a screen. A big ceremony in which we all participate and everyone knows the script already.


You can watch it in here:

PREMIERE: Teatre Tívoli de Barcelona (Març 2012)

PLACES WHERE IT HAS BEEN PERFORMED: Rubí, Barcelona, Zaragoza, El Ejido, Córdoba, Málaga, Sevilla, Pamplona, Donostia, Torrelavega, Gijón, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Vigo and Barcelona.

PERIOD: 2012-2014


ESPECTATORS: More than 500.000 people


DIRECTOR: Jordi Milán

Jaume Baucis
Xavi Tena
Mont Plans
Toni Torres
Maria Garrido
Meritxell Duró
Annabel Totusaus
Alexandra Gonzàlez *
Babeth Ripoll
Bernat Cot
Montse Amat
Oriol Burés
Alex Esteve **
** Alex Esteve replaced Jaume Baucis for sick leave.
* Alexandra Gonzàlez replaced Mont Plans during the tour after visiting Zaragoza.


Creative, artistic and technical staff

Music and lyric composition: Joan Vives
Músic and songs of the show: Joan Manuel Serrat, Chaman Lal Chaman, Antonio Guijarro, Valentin D. Alamo, Joaquín León
Stage design: La Cubana / Castells Planas
Choreography: Leo Quintana
Costumes design: Cristina López
Characterization: La Bocas
Graphic design: Raúl Pascuali
Sound design: Jordi Agut
Lighting design: Adrià Ferré
Video projection: Josep M. Marín
India’s culture advisor: Kandarp Mehta
Administration: Natalia Morillas
Production and media assistant: Pol Vinyes
Assistant directors: Xavi Tena & Jaume Baucis
Management and Media: Daniel Compte
Production director: Frederic Santa-Olalla
Technical directors: Ramón Rey, Jaume Baucis
Stage manager: Diego Cano
Light technician: Adrià Ferré
Sound technician: Oriol Llistar, Daniel Seoane
Stage technician: Pere Pau Hervàs
Stage change coordinator: Toni Alonso
Wedding gown: Rosa Clará
Hats and headgears: La Bocas / Toni Alonso
Dental protesis: David Chapanoff
Motleys: Begoña Simón
Sculpture: Tony Valente
Dressing assistant: Angelica di Schiave
Equipment: La Cubana
Photography: David Ruano / Josep Aznar
Bride’s postiche: Julián Gijón
Poster cake: Patricia Schmidt (Escribà)
Hindi translations: Kandarp Mehta, Sonia Nar
Music recordings: Joan Vives (My Music), Angel Valverde (My Music), Llorenç Fernàndez
Singers: Kandarp Mehta, Dhwani Mehta, Jahnavi Mehta, Prashanth Nadukandi, Marc Pujol


Video technic crew

Video director: Josep Recasens
Photography director: Amadeo Di Giacomo
2ª cameraman: Teresa Burgos
Cameraman assistant: Claudio Frola
Audio supervisor: Alex Pérez (Imasblue)
Live sound: Agost Alustiza (Imasblue), Diego Casares (Imasblue)
Microphone operator: Toni Maldonado
Exterior electricians: Josep Maria Balagué (Imasblue), Pablo Portela (Imasblue)
Production: Lídia Martínez (Imasblue), Pablo Portela (Imasblue)
Film editing: Gemma Pons (Imasblue), Xavier Viñas (Imasblue)
Stage manager: Carol Verano


Video castAjay Jethi
Kandarp Mehta
Anil Kumar
Harjit Kaur
Sonia Nar
Tamanna Lal
Parvej Masih
Dwhani Mehat
Jonas Allué
Mamta Rani
Parikshit Klair
Kashmir Masih
Xavier Aymamí
Ana Bravo
Jesús Camacho

And the participation of 50 dancers and 150 extras!


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