Adiós Arturo

What is “Adiós Arturo” about?

The same as always. It is about the only thing we know, and what we have been talking in our previous shows: about theatre. The theatre of life. We repeat ourselves “like parrots” do.

Is our inspirational “muse”‘s fault, who is a rich neverending well: the theatre that we make in our daily life and goes unnoticed as a theatre; that theater that there is in the street, in the markets, in our works, in the family, with our friendships and of course, also socially, where we deploy our interpretative skills in all kinds of acts, parties, weddings, baptisms, communions and burials.

From the death at 101 years of age of a very famous artist, Arturo Cirera Monpou, the audience will know the true script of the life of this well-known writer, painter, sculptor, collector of art, poet, musical composer, dramatist, actor and director.

At La Cubana we have always been attracted to the double scripts we use in our lives. The script that we want to know and the one that does not. The one that we show in front of everyone and the script that we keep for our strictest privacy.

We can not reveal more. The secret and the surprise return to be the protagonists of the show and the public will discover it at the time. But we can say that “Adiós Arturo” is a ode to the life and how to live it intensely, leaving in evidence all the social conventions and “nonsense” that make it difficult to do so. A crazy comedy, with surreal touches, as always being dressed with La Cubana style: audience participation, music, surprises and lots of humor.

PREMIERE Teatro Olympia (Mayo 2018)

PLCES WHERE HE HAS REPRESENTED Valencia, Pamplona, ​​Torrelavega, Vitoria, Bilbao, Logroño, Valencia, Castellón, Altea, Elche, Elda, Murcia, Zaragoza, Jerez de la Frontera, Málaga, Sevilla, Cáceres, Cádiz, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Alicante, Albacete, El Ejido, Córdoba, Gandía, Palma de Mallorca, Gijón, Valladolid, A Coruña, Vigo, Madrid and Barcelona.

PERIOD: 2018-2022

PERFORMANCES: 600 performances

SPECTAtORS: More than 394.237 spectators


DIRECCIÓN: Jordi Milán


Jaume Baucis *Tour around Spain

Xavi Tena

Filomena Martorell *Season in Barcelona

David Ramírez *Season in Barcelona

Toni Torres *Tour around Spain

Annabel Totusaus *Season in Barcelona

Nuria Benet

Alex González

Babeth Ripoll *Tour around Spain

Montse Amat

Toni Sans

Edu Ferrés *Tour around Spain

Virginia Melgar

Miguel Arnau *Season in Barcelona

Victor G. Casademunt *Season in Barcelona


Creative, artistic and technical staff

Script and Direction: Jordi Milán

Scenogrphy: Castells Planas / La Cubana

Costumes Desing: Cristina López

Characterization: La Bocas

Músic and songs of the show: Joan Vives

Choreography: Leo Quintana

Video Design Joan Rodón (dLux)

Sound Design: Jordi Agut (Choli)

Lighting Design: Aleix Costales and Dani Sánchez

Graphic Design: Lila Pastora

Administration: Natalia Morillas

Management and Media: Pol Vinyes

Production Director: Frederic Santa-Olalla

Assistant Director Juanjo Sánchez

Stage technician: Pere-Pau Hervàs

Light technician: Aleix Costales and Dani Sánchez

Sound design: Jordi Agut