Mamá quiero ser famoso (Mummy, I wanna be famous)

We are not afraid of TV any longer. First we struggled to have one, then we realised we were being kidnapped by it, in our living room, it brainwashed us, and then again we dreamt of escaping from it, only to end up wanting to be its protagonist.

Television, a devise that changed lives of many generations of Spaniards, has become nowdays, the launching pad for all those who need to be famous in order to survive.

We have gone from respect and boundless reluctance to “everything goes” and with a “ha, ha” “ho, ho” to be seen on the “stupid” box’s screen. Some years ago it was unthinkable to foresee what we watch and listen today. ¿Is that good or bad? We don’t know…

All we know is that we all complain, but it is also true that while we are complaining, we keep on pressing buttons of the remote control as if it was glued to our hand. ¿Why? ¿Why would we want to watch a “manipulated” reality? ¿Why do we fancy watching what’s happening nearby? ¿Are we already tired of pursuing the “love and luxury” that we were meant to buy? Or, on the contrary, ¿do we need to watch all that “trash” so we feel better, thinking we are far less trashy? We do not know. ¿Who is to blame? ¿Television alone and Tv programme-makers? ¿Or we as guilty? We still don’t know. As a Cuban celebrity says: “We are confused”. And so, from our confusion, somehow we manage to know something is not quite all right. Something is wrong. We must reflect on it. We would have to think.

Mummy, I wanna be famous means to be an amusing analysis which, shaped as a TV Night Show, will try to bring to light the state of the “celeb’s” of our country, how some go crazy trying to become a celebrity, disregarding any kind of personal or artistic efforts, and the know-how of such obsession of becoming a media creature at any price to please our vanity.

Mummy, I wanna be famous, as fashion dictates, is broadcasted weekly (or daily, if suitable) from a theatre adapted as a TV set. The British Channel “CBN TV” has been broadcasting it live for the last 30 years all over Europe, on the lookout for new celebrities.

The program, after touring Europe’s major cities with great success, has now landed in Spain, a rich deposit of celebrities where the audience acts as a television audience.


Enjoy the performance in catalan, here:

PREMIÈRE: Teatre Principal d’Alacant

PLACES WHERE IT HAS BEEN PERFORMED: Olesa, Rubí, Alacant, Sevilla, Ejea de Los Caballeros, Elx, Elda, Orihuela, Altea, Jerez, Màlaga, Puertollano, Córdoba, Aldaia, Xativa, Castelló, Almagro, Cadis, Granada, Villarreal, Pamplona, Torrelavega, Santurce, Riba-Roja de Túria, Valencia, El Ejido, Huelva, Santander, Donostia, A Coruña, Gijón, Avilés, Bilbao, Albacete, Logronyo, Villena, Cartagena, Lorca, Murcia, Cuenca, Zaragoza, Talavera de la Reina, Marbella, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real, Manzanares, Tomelloso, La Solana, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Madrid, Salamanca, Vitòria, Vigo, Ourense, Santiago de Compostela, Alcorcón, Barcelona.

PERIOD: 2003-2006



SCRIPT: Jordi Milàn

CAST: Jaume Baucis, Xavi Tena, Meritxell Huertas, Ota Vallès, Toni Torres, Meritxell Duró, Maria Garrido, David Pintó, Annabel Totusaus, Santi Güell, Robert Garriga, Jordi Agut, David Campillo.

EXTRAS: Esther Cámara, Cristina López, Leo Quintana.

Cretive staff

Idea and playwright: Jordi Milán
Music and lyric composition: Joan Vives
Stage design: Castells Planas de Cardedeu, La Cubana
Wardrobe design: Cristina López
Sound design: Marc Sarda
Sound desing assistant: Jordi Agut
Light design: Oriol Puig – La Cubana
Choreography: Leo Quintana
Characterisation, and wigs designs: Joan Marín
Graphic design: Raúl Pascuali
Screen graphic design: Raul Pascuali – Rebeca Fraile
Audiviusal director: Atonio de Molins
Screenplay and director of the last clip of the show: Andrés Hispano
Production and promotion assistant: Cinta Esmel
Assistant directors: Xavi Tena, Jaume Baucis, Meritxell Huertas, David Pintó, David Ramírez
Muscial direction: Joan Vives
Executive production and promotion: Victoria Sanz
Artistic director of the show: Jordi Milán

Technical Staff

Wardrobe team: Lolita Cloquell, Carmeta Milá
Artificial and wigs: Carles Montosa
Musical Recordings: Estudi El Gramòfon – Lluís Cuadrench
Choir: Ingrid Morral, Llorenç Fernández
Video projections advisor: Josep Ma Marín – Movie Cine
Video advisor: Jordi Palou – Pal Fiction
Video post production: Oriol Bramona – Utòpic
Digital effects: Mariona Omedes
Video: Imatge i Produccions 2010
Iron frames: Pascualín S.L.
Props: Lluís Traveria
Printing: Gesmax
Administration: Natalia Morillas
SAT – Sant Andreu Teatre
Teatre de la Passió d’Olesa
Ajuntament de Rubí
Jeremy Williams
Jordi Planas
Lluís Cuso
Lluís Fernández
Josep Sendra
Carles Capdevila
Josep Maria Lari

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