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Chapter 8: social rites

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There are a number of social events in which everyone participates, whether for family reasons, social commitment or simply friendship. They are rites created many years ago that, although today everything has changed and evolved, we continue following the same marked script.

Chapter 7: “Vacaciones en el mar” is now available!


This week’s topic it is: “Why do we take vacations?” Do they serve to enjoy ourselves? Do they serve to rest? Are they useful for getting to know new places? Are they only used to boast? Are they just to say you have been there?

New episode of “Les Teresines pim pam pum”. Chapter 6: Likes, haters and influencers

You can listen to it here: CHAPTER 6

The topic that Catalunya Ràdio proposes to you this week to talk about in the podcast is the Eurovision Song Contest. At the same time, this week they are preparing an order for 15,000 totebags for the firefighters’

Chapter 5 is available!

You can listen it here

The Teresines are loyal viewers of  the tv weatherman. Since they are not stupid, they have already know  that something about climate is wrong: global warming is a topic of daily conversation where everyone has an opinion, but everybody speaks without knowing much about it.


Chapter 8

Social rites

Chapter 7

Vacation at sea

Chapter 6

Haters, likes e influencers

Chapter 5

The climate change ("Greta Operation")

Chapter 4

Are the children only carried by the storks?

Chapter 3

The madness of the cuisine

Chapter 2

Beyond the economy

Chapter 1

The podcast and the future of the radio