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A new dress for our website

My 65 years old aunty, who is a “Teresina”, but she also is well learned in IT, came for lunch the other day and told us: “Boys! What and old website you have!” We answered: “What? We are very proud of our website, which we built a long time ago!” She replied: “You are wrong! You can’t open it if you are using an ipad or your mobile phone! It’s old and cheesy”.

We then went to consult with our friends, relatives and acquaintances, who are connected on the net all the time, and they told us aunty was right: The website had aged like us without realizing it! Despite out love for it, we have had to replace it.

The old and beloved old website is linked to the new one; and we can maintain it as a relic, like it is.

Here you have the new one that just went out from the oven! We hope you like it! Enjoy it!

¡Aquí tenéis la nueva, acabada de salir del horno! ¡A ver que os parece! ¡Disfrutadla!



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Sitges - Miramar Centre Cultural

Extended until Christmas

ADEU ARTURO - Barcelona

Very soon!

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