Now in la cubana

Some antique pictures

We sneaked into the Count of Rierola’s Palace to attend a lordly photo shoot. It was full of luxury… In this family they have a lot of money… Of course, because they are wealthy people. As far as I know, they soon will open their Palace doors to everyone who wants to visit them… From 29th of September at Teatre Coliseum of Barcelona.

A happy return!


After a month lying in a hammock enjoying the sea views with a book in one hand and a cold beer in the other… it is not pleasant going back to routine… Why to deny it?

To arrive to work after a traffic jam, to start a diet again,

How “Gente Bien. El Musical” sounds like?

After few months of preparations! After lots of rehearsals and tunings with Laura, who has been our pianist and vocal coach! After many egg whites, honey, crushed ice… and some other lyric singers remedies… We were ready to go to the recording studio with the music for our new show “Gente Bien.

Telephone conversation on the bus route 59

“Yesterday I saw Paquita Santesmases, the lady from flat 3, the one who was married to the solicitor but got divorced after he had an affaire with his secretary. Anyway, she told me that Francisco and his children want to go to the Theatre Coliseum to watch La Cubana’s new show in October… Didn’t you know that Paquita is going out with Francisco?

We have new poster!!!

Do you know our graphic designer, Raúl Pascuali? No? Yes you do! Is the one who has made the posters and all the graphic design of our company since 1980! Do you remember the posters of Cubana’s Delikatessen, The Tempest,

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