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While we are acting with “Gente Bien. El musical” and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the premiere of TERESINA S.A. in television, La Cubana and TV3 we are preparing in Teatre Coliseum of Barcelona a


(a party-marathon for the fans and followers of the tv series)

Sunday 7th of May 2017, mother’s day, from 11am and during the whole day.



  • It is a access free marathon to watch the 13 chapters of the series TERESINA S.A. together in a big screen theatre.
  • The actors and actresses of the series will attend.
  • Life musical performances.
  • “Teresina of Catalonia” award (contest)*
  • Best costume prize among the people who will attend the marathon dressed in “teresina” costume.
  • “Best Teresino Video” (contest)**
  • Some other surprises.


We also announce that before the “Popular Teresinada” we organized different acts and activities, like:

  • Exhibition “The world of the Teresines”: An exhibition with models, sketches, costumes, wigs, staging sets, “pedidos” (orders) and some other objects used in the tv series. From 20th of April till 7th of May, on the first floor of Teatre Coliseum. Open the days of the show from 5pm till the time the show starts.
  • 3th of May, from 12pm we will deliver the free tickets in Teatre Coliseum.
  • Free DVD of Teresina S.A. to all the attendees to the show “Gente Bien. El musical” from 23th of April (Saint George) till 6th of May.
  • Collection of home videos: for the contest of “Teresina of Catalonia” and the “Best Teresino Video”.

*Teresina of Catalonia Award: To participate you must nominate a person you believe is a teresina. You and your nominee have to appear in the video. In the video you must explain a situation or a way he/she lives or is, that makes him/her the authentic Teresina of Catalonia. Video must be recorded in horizontal and be 60 seconds maximum length. You must send it to lacubana@lacubana.es with the title NOMINACIÓ A LA TERESINA DE CATALUNYA. If you need to know how a Teresina is, you can check it here.

**Best Teresino’s Video Award: We have appealed our followers through Facebook to find impersonations, playbacks, freestyle videos related to the Teresines world. If you have one, you can send it to us through a link, facebook and lacubana@lacubana.es titled with VIDEO TERESINO.

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