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La Cubana on TV3 for Christmas

The public broadcaster has programmed two emissions during these days:

We can see it on 25th of December, Christmas, on Tv3 at 22:35

And also, on the 30th of December, on Canal 33 at 23:30


The show Gente Bien. El musical, which was performed during whole nine months at Teatre Coliseum from Barcelona during last year, now it arrives on television during these days of joy.

More than 170.000 people have seen the show during the 250 performances that were held.

“Gente Bien” is a farce written by Santiago Rusiñol that La Cubana takes as an excuse to adapt it and creating a proper musical show. Rusiñol pictures and criticizes the nouveau rich appeared during industrialization in Barcelona. La Cubana adapts it into four different ages (1917, 1951, 1980 and 2017) to demonstrates that the need of showing off its timeless.

Jordi Milán wrote the script and Joan Vives, the music, which was performed by the musicians of l’Auditori de Barcelona.  With 15 actors in the stage and an unprecedented display, La Cubana dares to make a proper musical like the international productions.

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