FAREWELL 2019, WELCOME 2020 - La Cubana

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This year we have left has been, without any doubts, a very special one. When 2019 began, we had been on tour with “Adiós Arturo” for eight months and we were touring the Spanish geography from end to end…. We started the year performing in Zaragoza, in the Teatro Principal, which was an amazing sold out during the two weeks we were there… A joy for anyone who is dedicated to our profession… Afterwards the tour has taken us to 19 more cities. Many of them very well-known to us, because we know that they will receive us with open arms as soon as we decide to go on tour. Other cities that we had not visited for many years… and some of them we visited for the first time during this tour … We spent the winter through Andalusia, avoiding the cold temperatures. We started spring in the Canary Islands… We spent Easter Holidays performing there. Summer began in Mallorca and then we visited Gijón, Valladolid and Galicia… And we finally arrived in Madrid, at the Teatro Calderón, which is sheltering us since then during this magnificent season! We couldn’t find a better place to farewell this 2019! So we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a big party with Madrid’s audience. We gathered 800 spectators who wanted to accompany us at the Teatro Calderón. Apart from the “Adiós Arturo” show, we prepared some special cotillions made with love by the company, and we eat the traditional grapes and the cava with the countdown… Then, the whole company prepared a party in with musical numbers that they encouraged the audience to dance and celebrate the entrance to the new year until late in the morning!

This 2020 we are turning 40 as a theatre company and we feel very fortunate for that; since we have been able to live from it thanks to the support and affection from the audience that we receive every year… ¡Thank you very much

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