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The past April 5th, the documentary «Beyond La Cubana» directed by Jordi Call and produced by Minoria Absoluta was premiered on TV3’s Sense Ficció.

The documentary reviews the 42 year history of the company throughout the voices of some of the 172 artists who have been part of the “La Cubana family”. It is an emotional journey through the beginnings of the company in Sitges, where a group of friends were doing amateur theater and unintentionally began to be recognized and afterwards, professionalized. It also travels through the most famous and remembered hits: «Cómeme el coco, negro» (1989), «Teresina SA» (1992) and «Cegada de amor» (1993). And it is also explains that La Cubana is a current adventure, which is reborn again and again from the ashes, and that excites the audience in each show with its style and the very characteristic way of doing things…

If you want to watch it back, you can find it on Tv3 a la Carta: Sense ficció – Més enllà de La Cubana (

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Chapter 8

Social rites

Chapter 7

Vacation at sea

Chapter 6

Haters, likes e influencers

Chapter 5

The climate change ("Greta Operation")

Chapter 4

Are the children only carried by the storks?

Chapter 3

The madness of the cuisine

Chapter 2

Beyond the economy

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The podcast and the future of the radio


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