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Carme’s page


From 1980, the year when La Cubana was founded, many people have passed by. Nobody was more important than any other, but they all have been important and fundamental for the company. All those that have stayed with us, for a long or a short time, have made la Cubana true.

Yet there is somebody that we would like to homage, or else mention in this website, someone that is very special to us: Carme Montornés, baptized kind-heartedly as “La Montor”. A great person, excellent actress and unbeatable friend.

Carme Montornés i Serra was born in Sitges in 1942. She participated in many amateur theatre groups from Sitges, but soon everyone learned she was a great actress. She studied drama in the first drama promotions of the Barcelona Institut del Teatre. She was married with two children; she had always mixed drama with her family life.

She was an actress of many qualities, she found no difficulties on improvising and provoking, what she was a master at. She became part of La Cubana from the very start with the show Dels Vicis Capitals (1981) up until her death back in 1993. Even feeling badly, she performed a short role at the film of Cegada de Amor (June 1993).

She created characters full of Joy, energy and dynamism, amongst them, the vedette Lidia Clavel, the folk singer “La Rondeña” in Cómeme el Coco, Negro, as well as the lovely Montserrat in the TV serial Teresina S.A. She was Aunty Marina in the Els Grau, and we can’t forget about all the characters she imagined and performed in Cubana’s Delikatessen, Cubanades a la carta, Cubana Marathon Dancing, Per Cap d’Any TV3 no fa res, and her TV performances at (El día por delante, El martes que viene, etc…