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A happy return!


After a month lying in a hammock enjoying the sea views with a book in one hand and a cold beer in the other… it is not pleasant going back to routine… Why to deny it?

To arrive to work after a traffic jam, to start a diet again, to feel the days shrinking again… and to discover that we are already planning things for December… it is quite depressing and we have to make an effort to rise our spirits again.

The luck is to walk by la Gran Via de Barcelona and see that there are some things that cheer you up to begin the new season… La Cubana has been building the decoration of its new play on the façade of the Teatre Coliseum, to announce us there are nearby… that they are nearly here… That almost everything is ready to raise the curtains… From 29th of September, we will find them in Teatre Coliseum with the new show “Gente Bien. El Musical” (Wealthy People. The Musical)

If you have not seen the decorations, here you have the video:

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