Now in la cubana

11th of June – ¡Last day!

We are very happy to have been nearly nine months in the Teatre Coliseum of Barcelona with this show, “Gente Bien. El musical”, where we have performed the show 250 times and has been seen by more than 170.000 people.

“Gente Bien. El musical” is an all-fledged musical, and we used as an excuse to do what we always do: a theatre show that talks again about the theatre. A show that, despite to renew a Catalan classic piece from Santiago Rusiñol, has been useful to show and talk about ourselves, to talk about La Cubana.

We want to thank all the audience, again, the love and charm given by. All we have received has been the fuel to do everything we have done.

¡Thank you very much to everyone and see you soon!