El martes que viene (The coming Tuesday) with Mercedes Milá

A live participation on the discussion subject of “Fearing the gender’s equal opportunities” after the participation of Doctor Haig.

A common housewife, a very conservative one, and a labour lawyer, and at the other side, a taxi driver, a feminist writer and a business man whose wife earns twice as much, were the characters that participated on the discussion.

Mercedes Milá believed that people would explain everything about themselves behind the camera, but they would withdraw in front of it. She wanted to try the experience of having some characters talking as naturally as one can behave with no cameras filming.

It was a big experience, taking into account the contents of the discussion and that at that time there were no “reality shows” yet. Half part of the country believed we were for real. At the end, Mercedes had to tell the truth to the audience and interviewed La Cubana; the actors appeared dressing normally and with no make-up on.