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Chapter 8

Social rites

Chapter 7

Vacation at sea

Chapter 6

Haters, likes e influencers

Chapter 5

The climate change ("Greta Operation")

Chapter 4

Are the children only carried by the storks?

Chapter 3

The madness of the cuisine

Chapter 2

Beyond the economy

Chapter 1

The podcast and the future of the radio


Latest news
“Vida de Teresina” in Sant Jorge’s Day

Sant Jordi was a wonderful day… The Teresines put on comfortable clothes and wanted to be accompanied by three “dudes” who rolled them to signings at different points in Barcelona. Rosita and Paca didn’t want to miss out either; they also left Gràcia to meet all the series’ followers.

The day began with a visit to the stalls of Catalunya Radio and Rac1 set up in the center of Barcelona.

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3th Edition of “Vida de Teresina”

The Teresines (especially) and us (La Cubana) couldn’t be happier and more satisfied with the response the book is receiving.

Penguin Publishing has announced, just three weeks after it went on sale, that they have already released the third edition of the Teresines’ biography.

According to what they told us,

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