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La Cubana has arrived in Madrid!

Arturo” has arrived at the Calderón Theatre in Madrid after a tour that brought
the company through 30 cities and with a more 205,000 spectators balance. This
past October 9th, friends of Arturo and La Cubana came to join us at
the premiere of the show.

Benavente Square (in front of the theatre) was dressed up for the occasion,

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300 performances of “Adiós Arturo”

This tour
that began in May 2018 at the Teatro Olympia in Valencia has taken us to many
corners of the peninsular geography and there are already 27 cities we have
visited with the show. Right now we are performing on Teatro Jovellanos in Gijón,
and with more than 185,000 spectators,

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150.000 people have seen “Adiós Arturo”

150.000 people has come to enjoy the show “Adiós Arturo” so far. We are now performing in Teatro Cuyás of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We are very happy with the audience reception of the show and we are feeling very fortunate to have reached this amazing figure.


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