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11th of June – ¡Last day!

We are very happy to have been nearly nine months in the Teatre Coliseum of Barcelona with this show, “Gente Bien. El musical”, where we have performed the show 250 times and has been seen by more than 170.000 people.

“Gente Bien. El musical” is an all-fledged musical,

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Roll out the red carpet

¡La Cubana has gone crazy!!! They told me that due to the occasion of the “Teresinada Popular”, and in the last weeks of the show “Gente Bien. El musical” in the Teatre Coliseum, the people that come to see the show between the 23th of April and 7th of will be given the DVD’s of the series “Teresina S.A.” for free.

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25 years already?

We are in the middle of celebrations: with the lasts performances of “Gente Bien. El musical” we have occupied the first floor of the Teatre Coliseum with an exhibition about “Teresina S.A.” a tv series that were on live for the first time 25 years ago.

The exhibition contains an endearing selection of props,

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