Vallès Occidental Quantity Surveyors’ 15th Anniversary Celebration (Terrassa)

Dinner is held in the construction materials storeroom, owned by Solomat, a company based in Terrassa. When guests arrive they are greeted with a rococo style ambience fining an 18th century style awning. Some chefs sing opera pieces around a grand piano. In a moment, the awning disappears and we discover that we are eating in the middle of a construction equipment warehouse suitably lighted. Each dich is presented by different actors-chefs accompanied by fitting setting and choreography for the dish. To finish off, an enormous cake appears and a polyphonic chorus sings the 15th anniversary song. During the dinner, twenty actors appear using the company trucks and trailers as stages that have been decorated and transformed. Finally, an as a surprise, a musical group and dance partners to hire.